Get stitched up

Reimagining pieces of your wardrobe?

Look no further! Send me an article of clothing, or I can source a pre-owned piece and let’s make a beautiful, upcycled garment. Message me before ordering, via instagram @coolpigfairy or use my contact form, so we can discuss design ideas and personalisations.

All pieces are hand embroidered by me so please allow for 2-3 weeks turnaround time. I specialise in butterflies, flowers, trees, the sun, moon and frogs. But please message me your ideas and I will try my best!

Either you can send me a piece of your clothing which needs a new lease of life and I will take £5 off the total price or I can sustainably source a basic garment such as t-shirts, jumpers or jeans. Though this option will take longer as I exclusively source second-hand.