About The Coolpig

As I have learned of the wasteful practices and throwaway attitude of the fashion industry over the past year, I strive to participate in the fashion future, by reducing the amount of waste, I produce, upcycling second-hand clothing, and using recycled materials to package.

Jewellery is also my passion! I love wearing mystical, quality pieces that make me feel like a fairy!

Coolpig is an independent brand which explores the fantasies of the folklore world. My jewellery designs are made for all, especially those with a sense of imagination, magic, and a connection to our beautiful mother earth!


Eco-friendly packaging is a vital component of our products!

Coolpig boxes, tissue paper, card backers, and care cards are all made from 100% recycled content as well as the use of a carbon-neutral stamp and paper-based washi tape.

This means no harmful plastic waste and the materials can be reused and recycled again and again to create a more circular system!

Additionally I reuse mailers to add another layer of protection!


I upcycle second-hand clothing bought from either charity shops or vintage stores. When I buy from charity shops I buy a few pieces at a time, also, I don’t buy clothes of the season so as not to decrease the amount of accessible clothing.

Upcycling clothes reduces the need for production using raw materials, therefore, conserves a LOT of resources. It also means each piece is completely unique!

I source all my jewellery pieces from independent retailers off Etsy, eBay, local bead shops and charity shops. I ensure the product is from a first-party seller and is based in the UK to ensure I don’t contribute to unnecessary air/ sea freight.